Ansul R-102 Restaurant Fire Services from APL

APL can offer an option in kitchen range Fire Suppression systems, however the standard that most insurance companies look for are fully met by the Ansul system, the most common one being the Ansul R-102 Ansulex R-102 Low PH Liquid.

These systems comprise of a fusible link detection system within the cooker hood, nozzles above the plenum and below the plenum at strategic points on the cooker range i.e. Deep Fat Fryers. A manual release point is also available for personnel to use if they deem it necessary. The system also has a pressure switch that can be connected into the building fire alarm.

A restaurant fire can be extremely dangerous. It may start unobserved in a pan, on a grill, or in a cooker hood and within seconds it can spread throughout the kitchen or even the entire restaurant.

In any busy catering environment the need to protect your staff and property from fire is crucial, it's a sobering thought to realise that many restaurants never reopen after a major fire. It can not only destroy a kitchen, but a thriving business.

How it works - When a fire occurs in a protected area, it is quickly detected by the sensors the cooker appliance hood. The detectors trigger the Ansul Automan releasing mechanism which actuates the system - pressuring the agent storage tank and automatically shutting off the appliance energy.

The low pH liquid fire suppressant flows through the piping and is discharged into the plenum and duct areas and onto the cooking appliances. The ANSULEX agent is applied directly onto the fire in spray patterns, suppressing the fire in seconds. It smothers the hot cooking greases, a foam blanket is formed, temporarily sealing off combustible vapours to help prevent fire reflashes.

The System's exclusive stainless steel enclosure is completely self contained - so blending in beautifully Without affecting the kitchen's operation.

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