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ISO:9001 2008 Quality Management Scheme
Automatic Protection Limited of Biggar, South Lanarkshire, Scotland has achieved their ISO:9001 2008 Quality Management Scheme. Find out more...

Press Release - Kitemark Scheme
Automatic Protection Ltd of Biggar, Lanarkshire, Scotland has been awarded a prestigious Kitemark licence for BAFE SP203
part 1. Find out more...

FM-200 Discharge Saves Commumications Room
An APL installed FM200 fire suppression system was discharged into a call centre’s main communication room saving a business based in the Scottish Borders from a potentially disastrous fire. Find out more...

APL Open Day Invitation
Both Open Days were a great success, everyone who attended seemed to get something from it.
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Open Day at Autoprotection Limited Open Day at Autoprotection Limited Open Day at Autoprotection Limited Open Day at Autoprotection Limited Open Day at Autoprotection Limited

January 2012 - Tyco acquire LPG
As of January 3rd, 2012, the LPG group of companies is now owned by Tyco Fire Protection Products. As APL are Hygood distributers, they will now be able to offer all LPG equipment including Hypoxic Air, IG541, IG55, IG01 and i-flow.

Retrotec Room Integrity Testing
APL can carry out their own room integrity testing and are a certified Retrotec testing company, please contact us for further information or if you require a room integrity test to ensure the effectiveness of your gaseous suppression system.

APL protect Arnold Clark’s Computer Centre
APL have installed Novec 1230 Total Flood Fire suppression system in their Glasgow Head Office Computer Centre. This involved the design and installation of an HSSD aspirating system, conventional detection and control panel and a Novec 1230 Total Flood Fire Suppression system.

A Room Integrity Test was carried out to ensure the rooms integrity to hold the extinguishant agent to prevent re-ignition if there was ever a fire. APL will now look after the system with two visits per annum and a Room Integrity test every 12 months.

New Premises
APL are enjoying the advantages of working from their new modern premises, spacious office facilities, abundant storage and off road parking makes such a difference. APL are now considering building a filling plant for the refilling and refurbishment of Fire Suppression Cylinders.

F-gas Training
All APL engineers carried out and passed F-gas Training. All personnel working with F-gas (FM-200) must possess this certification before working on or maintaining any systems.

Unit 7 Fire Extinguishing
All APL engineers carried out and passed Unit 7 Fire Extinguishing course through the FIA.

C&W CO2 Systems
APL working very closely with C&W to eradicate their CO2 systems to more personnel friendly systems.

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