Firetrace (DetExt F/F) Services from APL

Automatic Protection Limited have been utilising Firetrace DetExt F/F metal tubing technology for more than 10 years. The metal tubing can be either the detector (with discharge pipe and diffusers) or both detector and discharge tube, where the extinguishant agent is discharged through the rupture in the tubing.

The cylinder can have whatever extinguishing agent that is required to meet the potential risk e.g. dry powder for chemicals & fluids and Novec 1230 for clean areas. Co2, Foam, FM200 etc. can also be utilised.

Firetrace DetExt F/F - Detects and Extinguishes Fire Fast.

Click through for information on Automatic Protection Limited guide to Fire Risk Assessment.

Typical Areas of Protection:

  • Electrical Switchgear
  • Comms Cabinets
  • Storage Machines
  • Forestry Machines
  • Off Road Vehicles & Machinery
  • Vehicle Engine Compartments (including mobile cranes)
  • CNC Machines
  • Mining & underground vehicles & machinery
  • Process Control Panels
  • UPS Equipment
  • PABX
  • Cable Voids
  • Domestic Cooker Hoods
  • Fat Fryers
  • Bus Engines
  • Or any potential risk, high value or critical equipment

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