RIT (Room Integrity Testing) Services from APL

Effectiveness of a fire suppression system depends upon the enclosures' integrity. The integrity of a room is defined as how well the enclosure retains the gaseous suppressant, without excess air leakage.

Retention of the correct concentration of gas for the correct retention period is essential for the fire suppression systems effectiveness.

To make sure this is the case, it is necessary to have regular room integrity tests. Automatic Protection Limited have huge experience in this field; call us on 01899 220330.

About Room Integrity Testing:

  • Proven, practical alternative to full discharge testing

  • Conservative testing procedure provides fail-safe results

  • Little disruption to normal working practices

  • Fully repeatable service
  • Versatile, may be used for rooms protected by any gaseous fire fighting agent

  • Complies with BS IS0 14520-1

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