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Automatic Protection Limited have assisted RMD, who pride themselves on their reputation for being fast, trustworthy and reliable, they also believe that prevention is better than cure, so provide a range of power, cooling, security and fire suppression solutions to ensure that your data centre is ready for anything.

More specifically, Automatic Protection Limited has assisted RMD with the following projects:

FMC Technologies
We have protected FMC’s server room in Dunfermline through RMD with a Novec 1230 system.

Freeman Hospital
We have protected an extension of this hospitals comms room in Newcastle with an Inergen system, for RMD.

Dana Petroleum
We have protected their new comms room and UPS room with and Inergen system in Aberdeen for RMD.

Stewarts Melville College/Mary Erskine (Edinburgh)
We have protected their comms cabinets with local application firetrace systems utilising Novec 1230 through RMD.

Cairn Energy
This client had problems completely sealing their comms room in Edinburgh so we assisted by installing Firetrace local application systems and a Vesda to protect their comms for RMD.

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