Signaline - Linear Heat Detection Services from APL

Automatic Protection Limited are now offering the Signaline range of linear heat detection systems.

Signaline heat sensing cables are conventional heat detectors in a linear form, providing early detection of fire conditions or overheating of equipment, plant or the surrounding area. The cables sense heat anywhere along their length and are designed to be used in commercial and industrial applications, such as cable trays, plant rooms, car parks, conveyors, tunnels and marine engine rooms.

They are very cost effective, easy to install and are maintenance free. They can also be used in intrinsically safe areas and dusty or harsh environmets down to -40°C.

Two types of Signaline linear heat detectio cable are available; Fixed Temperature (Signaline FT) and Analogue (Signaline HD). Signaline FT is available in three different alarm temperatures, 68°C, 88°C or 105°C. All are UL Listed and FM approved and have two outer cover options.

A high temperature cable of 178°C is also available to provide a full range of fixed temperature heat sensing cables. They can be used as a standalone system or connected to any conventional control panel covering up to 3 km in a single zone. An optional Alarm Point Distance Locating (APDL) device can be installed between a fire alarm control panel or addressable module and a single length of Signaline FT heat sensing cable to display the distance to the alarm point.

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