Ansul® Piranha® Fire Suppression Systems

Ansul Pyranha Fire Suppression System

Ansul® Piranha® Overview

The only agent-plus-water fire suppression hybrid on the market today, ANSUL PIRANHA systems outperform all conventional single-agent systems on a number of fronts. Ansul Piranha systems attack fire using the rapid flame knockdown and securing capabilities of PRX™ Liquid Fire Suppressant. Then, the superior cooling effects of water follow, quickly cooling the cooking media and further helping to prevent reflash.

In UL300 testing, the Ansul Piranha system cooled hot grease 15 times faster than single-agent wet systems, required 60% less chemical agent, covered hazard areas better and provided a cost-effective means to protect the cooking equipment.

ANSUL® PIRANHA® systems employ the best fire fighting attributes of two extinguishing agents...

  • The fast flame knockdown and securing power of wet chemical.
  • The fast cool-down capability of water.

Tests using the “Double-Agent” Concept have shown dramatically increased fire fighting performance...

  • Twice the coverage of conventional single-agent systems
  • Cools down cooking oils 15 times faster than wet chemical systems
  • Flexible overlapping nozzle coverage for most appliance arrangements
  • Smaller and fewer agent storage tanks required per system

Customers who benefit from Ansul® Piranha® Fire Suppression Systems

  • Casual and fine dining
  • Fast food chains
  • Culinary schools
  • Sports complexes and stadiums
  • Four & five star lodging facilities

Ansul Piranha systems are available in various sizes that can be combined for multiple configurations to expand the suppression system coverage. Depending on your type of facility, your Automatic Protection Limited will design a system that offers you the ultimate in fire protection.

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