Inergen Fire Suppression & Protection Systems

Inergen Fire Protection System

Inergen Overview

The objectives of an Inergen Fire Protection System are: Protect Lives - Protect Property - Protect the Environment

Inergen is a mixture of nitrogen, argon and carbon dioxide gases and has been specially developed to provide fire protection. Inergen extinguishes fire by reducing the oxygen level in a room to below 15%, the point at which most combustibles will no longer burn.

Inergen has been medically evaluated and approved by leading authorities around the world. All of them have accepted Inergen as being safe for use in normally occupied areas.

Inergen - How it works

The normal atmosphere in a room contains 21% oxygen and less than 1% carbon dioxide.  If the oxygen content is reduced below 15%, most ordinary combustibles will not burn.  Inergen will reduce the oxygen content to around 12.5% while increasing the carbon dioxide content to between 2 and 4%. The increase in the carbon dioxide content stimulates a person’s respiratory centre, and increases the body’s oxygen use efficiency. This compensates for the lower oxygen level within a room where a fire is being extinguished by an Inergen system

Inergen Benefits

  • It's safe for use in human occupied areas
  • No environmental impact
  • Would not damage sensitive electronic equipment
  • Electrically non-conductive
  • Excellent retention time within the room.
  • Inergen is stored in gaseous form. It therefore does not produce fog when the gas is released into the room.
  • Protects the Environment

Inergen Applications

  • Computer Room Fire Protection Systems
  • Telecommunications Fire Protection Systems
  • Data Centre Fire Protection Systems
  • Vault Fire Protection Systems

Service and Maintenance

In order to optimise the performance of any fire suppression system, it is essential that service and maintenance should be carried out by a competent engineer in accordance with the relevant standards, this includes F Gas trained engineers for any work carried out on FM-200 fire extinguishing systems.

Automatic Protection Limited are able to offer a full a “24/7” maintenance and call out facility as well as in house integrity testing. We can also service and maintain the detection content of the protected area, aspirating systems and leak detection, this allows us to ensure that all of the related equipment within the protected area - detection, cylinders, solenoids etc. are serviced, operate as intended and are left in good working order.

British Standards recommend that the systems are serviced twice per annum with a room integrity test (where applicable) carried out once per annum. A full service report is given after each visit, this will highlight any aspect of the system that will be due for service exchange e.g. cylinders reaching 10 years old and requiring hydrostatic testing. This will allow companies to plan for this and allow for the additional costs within their budgets.

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