Tyco i-Flow Technology

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Features and Benefits:
  • VdS and CNPP approved
  • Fully meets EN12094-4
  • Outlet pressure regulated at 60 bar (nominal)
  • Available with INERGEN, IG-55, i3, IG-01, IG-100
  • 200 bar and 300 bar technology
  • May be used on 80 litre and 140 litre containers
  • No orifice plate required
  • Operating range -20ºC to 50ºC
  • Patented technology
  • Fails safe, valve closes if pipeline pressure rises above 60 bar
  • Allows discharge of 95% of container contents in 60 or 120 seconds
  • Can be operated electronically, pneumatically or manually
  • Manifold may be omitted on systems using 8 or fewer 80 litre containers (when using horizontal check valve)
  • On site pressure gauge removal possible
  • Manufactured in EU

i-Flow Valve

The i-Flow valve is the latest development for inert gas fire suppression systems. Incorporating patented pressure regulating technology, building on over 20 years of innovation in clean agent alternatives to Halon.



i-Flow Approvals

Typical Layout of the i-Flow System

Typical layout of i-Flow System


Pressure Regulating Valve

Unlike other constant flow valves that control the pressure in the discharge pipework by varying the flow through the valve outlet, the i-Flow valve is a fully engineered pressure regulating valve. This means that should there be an unforeseen blockage in the discharge network, by a distribution valve failing to operate (creating a closed section of pipe), the i-Flow valve will close as soon as the pressure reaches 60 bar.

i-Flow systems can therefore safely use lower pressure rated manifolds, pipework and distribution valves than those required by other constant flow systems on the market.


Mechanical Data

Valve Material: Valve body-brass
Overall dimensions: 170mm x 77 mm
Valve outlet thread: 21.7 DIN 477 male


Functional Data

Safety burst disc rating: 435 bar (minimum)


Environmental Data

Operating temperature: -20 ºC to +50 °C
Storage Temperature: -20 ºC to +50 °C
Relative humidity: 95%


Performance Data

Outlet pressure: 60 Bar
Discharge rate: 95% of container contents in 60 secs

The i-Flow valve gives a constant regulated outlet pressure of 60 bar.

It discharges 95% of the content of an 80 or 140 litre, 200 or 300 bar container within 60 or 120 seconds (as required by various international standards)

Flow rate pressure chart

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