Oxy-Reduct & Aspirating Systems Services from APL

Automatic Protection Limited can now offer these unique Wagner system as part of their fire detecxtion & extinguishing product range; the Oxy-Reduct & Aspirating system. This system has no cylinders, but a generator and compressor.

Utilising NITROGEN, the protected area is constantly monitored to maintain an oxygen level which will support life but not combustion, making it impossible to have a flame.

HSSD (high sensitivity smoke detection) can be installed as an integrated part of the system, therefore giving very early indication of overheating that would allow shut down of equipment to minimise damage. The system can also be designed to reduce the oxygen level out of hours (throughout the night).

Early Fire Detection by WAGNER Smoke Detection Systems - Fire detection is the core of fire prevention measures. Here, WAGNER has been the innovative leader for many years and possesses some of the most powerful systems in the international market.

Fire Detection using Air Sampling Smoke Detection Systems - WAGNER smoke detection systems use optical systems. Point-type detectors can be limited in their function, so WAGNER uses its patented air sampling smoke detection systems - which can provide very high sensitivity detection from a small smoke sample.

OXYREDUCT can be extended to protect additional areas.